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free robux no surveyIt’s time for another fun ROBLOX images event! Will there be prizes, like free robux for roblox or tix? Of course!

ROBLOX is hosting an online Block Party – and everyone gets show pictures of something they have built for the party.

How To Get Free Robux in Roblox?

We’re looking for a screenshot, photo, or YouTube video of your ROBLOX Block Party creation to give you free robux for roblox as a reward.

You can create you entry in ROBLOX, or use real-world building materials such as: K’Nex, Lincoln Logs, Legos, Mecanno, Erector, Megablox, Wooden Building Blocks, Little Twigs, Sand, Cast Iron, Welded Steel, Fire, Brio, Tinker Toys, Garbage, Silly Putty, Old Tires, Origami, etcetera.

What to Build

What should you build? Here are some ideas to get you started if you want to know how to get free robux no survey:

  • Rides
    • There will be lots of fun rides at the ROBLOX Block Party. Design a ferris wheel, rollercoaster, bouncy castle, waterslide, or other thrilling ride for party-goers!
  • Party Locations
    • Decorate your ROBLOX place to get it ready for the party, or construct a new place specifically for hosting the event. Will you build an elegant Victorian manor house? Or a private semi-volcanic island? Just grow your imagination for free robux no survey party!
  • Party Vehicles
    • Cruise on into the party in style! Party vans, party planes, party spacecraft! We’ll have them all!
  • Party Outfits
    • Dress up your ROBLOXian for the party. There will be a door prize for the best dressed party-machine!
  • Block Party in the Press
    • Don’t feel like building something? You can still participate in the Block Party as a member of the press! Bring your journalistic instincts to bear and cover Block Party creations as they are unveiled. Then submit your story to the community at large by either filming it and posting it to YouTube, or publishing it on your weblog, or get a ROBLOX news site to publish it. The top new stories will earn a pile of ROBUX!

When to Build

If you are submitting a video or news story, post a still image to get people excited about your entry and then provide a link to your news coverage (YouTube video or ROBLOX fansite blog post) in the description. We still making the video tutorial about how to join this robux generator event.

Notice: Any photo that includes a user’s face will be edited so the face is covered. Please don’t upload images where we can see your face – it will save us some time.


  • Every person who enters a valid image to free robux for roblox event site will receive the Block Party hat for free robux for roblox event site will receive the Block Party hat for the game.
  • The players who are chosen (by the ROBLOX Staff) to be on Roblox parades will receive an award of Robux in addition to the Block Party hat. There will be three parades with about 15 entrants per parade.
  • Voting will be opened up on the image gallery and the top voted entries in each Category will receive a People’s Choice hat in addition to the Block Party hat.
  • The best news stories will win a bonus pile of robux for free.

Small Print

The entry has to be something you made yourself. DO NOT COPY IMAGES FROM THE INTERNET. We’re serious about this. If you make a drawing of Bowser then it is ok. If you find a picture of Bowser on the Internet then it’s not ok.

K’nex, LEGOS, Mega Bloks, Hexabits, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Gears!, Aeroblocks, Magnetics, Meccano, Erector, Brio, and RobloxWiki are trademarks of their respective corporations and are not affiliated with ROBLOX nor this event of free robux no survey.